Why are some hotels charging more than others?

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Posted by ABC News’ Benjy Sarlin on September 21, 2018 08:23:16 In the past two months, hotel water prices in California have soared more than 200%.

While the state has long had the highest water bills in the nation, this year the price hike has become more widespread.

While the increase has been fueled by a rise in demand, some of the largest increases have been for properties with high occupancy rates and high water usage.

One of the biggest price increases this year has been in a San Diego hotel, where the average occupancy rate jumped more than 50%. 

For a hotel with a high occupancy rate, the average price hike can add up to thousands of dollars.

According to the San Diego Water and Power Department, the total increase in hotel water bills is expected to reach more than $1.2 billion in 2019. 

To make matters worse, some properties have gone beyond simply being high water users and have been accused of causing massive water damage, like in the case of the Hilton Garden Inn and Marriott Marquis hotel in Irvine, which had an estimated water usage of 5.6 million gallons per day.

The city of Irvine also recently levied a $50 million fine against the Hilton for not cleaning its water treatment system, according to the Orange County Register.

“The Hilton has a high water consumption and we have not seen that happen with their water treatment process,” said Andrew Littman, a senior vice president at the Hilton Group.

“We’re looking at remediation efforts and we’ll be looking at a lot of our systems to help us reduce the amount of water we’re using.”

The city’s water system has been deemed “high priority” for the water department because it is the primary source of drinking water in Irvine. 

Irvine officials have also been under pressure to clean up their water, which is heavily polluted, according a recent survey.

In June, the city’s city council passed a resolution that required it to start removing toxins from its water supply.

However, city officials have not yet committed to clean the water supply by the end of 2019.

The Hilton says it is working to meet the city and has already begun remediation.

But the hotel has not yet released an estimate of how much water it will need to clean its system by the time the water service is fully restored. 

The San Diego Times reports that the city of San Diego has already filed a lawsuit against the hotel for violating the Clean Water Act.

According to the suit, the Hilton had failed to follow city regulations on water quality.

San Diego officials have said that the hotel will pay the city $15 million for violating water quality rules.

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