How to stop mosquito bites and reduce COVID-19 transmission in the Gulf

Jun 19, 2021 Introduction

Gulf Coast residents are being warned to brace for a wave of mosquito bites.

The health department said that since March, there have been 733 confirmed mosquito bites, with 1,069 cases of transmission.

The number of confirmed cases has dropped to 716 from 875 and the total number of cases has gone down from 3,054 to 3,064, according to the department.

Residents have been warned to wear long sleeves and pants, stay indoors and keep pets on a leash in the area.

It also said that residents should avoid outdoor activities, especially swimming and picnics.

In the city of Gulfport, which is on the Gulf of Mexico, there were 2,835 confirmed cases of the disease, with 5,724 of those cases occurring in Gulfport.

There were 1,039 cases in Miami-Dade County, which includes Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

There were 618 cases in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

The department said in a statement that mosquito bites can be spread through direct contact with mosquitoes, such as sharing water, sharing food or having pets near mosquitoes.

It added that the department will be updating the public about mosquito bites as more information becomes available.

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