How to protect your home from water pollution in Australia

Jun 20, 2021 Installation

Water pollution in your home is getting worse.

And you need to do something about it.

In Australia, most water is treated with chemicals that can damage your home, and the government has recently taken steps to limit how much water can be treated with them.

Here’s how to keep your home clean and safe.


Make sure you’re using up the best possible amount of water You need to be using up all the water you can and recycling that water, so that the water is more than a “dead weight” on your home.

You can do that by keeping your water in a bottle or a cup.

You might want to consider putting your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, and toilet in an air-conditioned area to keep it cool.

It can also help if you have a faucet or a small water bottle.

Water treatment systems like the one you have in your house should only treat water with a high level of chlorine or fluoride.

Water that is at that level should be treated as treated sewage, which is treated by chlorine-based filters.

The water will likely smell bad, so keep that in mind.


Use more water When you’re treating water with chlorine or fluorine, it’s important to keep a few more litres of water in the bottle.

If you’re just using up water for a few minutes, it won’t be a big deal.

However, you’ll want to keep an eye on the water level in your water bottle to make sure that you’re getting the full amount of chlorine.

You should only use up one or two litres of your bottle a day if you’re in a high-flow zone, like your basement or your backyard.


Use bottled water When using bottled water in your bathroom, shower, and swimming pool, be sure to wash it thoroughly before using.

The chlorine will break down into harmless salts in the water, which will help to remove any chlorine-containing contaminants that may be lingering in your shower water.


Use hand sanitizer If you can’t wash your hands with regular hand sanitization, you might want a few extra hand sanities.

Use water-based hand sanitriers or other hand sanitary products to disinfect your hands and the area around your face, nose, and mouth.

These products can be purchased online at most pharmacies or at health food stores.

They can be very effective and will remove chlorine-producing chemicals.

You don’t need to use them to remove all chlorine, but they will help keep the chlorine from sticking to your hands, and will help reduce the chance of you getting a rash or infection from water-borne illnesses.


Keep your pets in their own containers You can also protect your pets from water damage by keeping them in their owners’ own containers.

Your pet will probably want to use the containers when they’re bathing, but if you’ve already added chlorine to the water supply, they’ll likely want to drink from the container, too.


Use a hand-held fauceteer The best way to protect yourself and your pets is to use a hand pump.

If your water is still cloudy, or there’s a high concentration of chlorine, a hand fauceter is a great way to disinfect the water.

A hand forter uses a hose to bring the water to the surface and then you place a hand in the hose to blow in the chlorine-rich water.

You’ll be surprised at how much chlorine is removed from your water.

If the faucette is not functioning properly, you may have to use your hands to blow the water out.


Use air conditioning in your homes If you live in an apartment building or condominium building, you can keep your air conditioning running by installing an air conditioner.

If it’s your first time living in a new building, installing an indoor air conditioners can be a hassle.

You probably can’t go wrong with an air conditioning unit in your living room or kitchen, but you can probably find a better solution in a bathroom.

If there’s one thing you should never do with chlorine-laced water, it should be avoiding it.

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