When will it be safe to drink water in the UK?

Jul 12, 2021 Booking

The UK’s drinking water supply is currently contaminated with a toxic chemical called nitrates.

The chemical is used in the production of nitrate-based fertiliser and the industrial process of farming.

Nitrates are highly corrosive and are used to wash out and destroy paint, plastic and metal surfaces in factories and homes.

The toxic chemicals in the water supply are not harmful to humans, but are also used by other organisms to grow.

The World Health Organization has declared that drinking the water in which nitrates have been found is unsafe and is now recommending people not to drink it.

The UK is currently facing a crisis in water quality as people across the country suffer from a shortage of drinking water.

The problem has been linked to nitrates, which are commonly found in industrial waste.

This chemical has been shown to cause birth defects, developmental delays, heart problems and other health problems.

In the US, drinking water from the Rio Grande river, which flows through parts of Texas, Arkansas and Kansas, is contaminated with nitrates from the mining industry, which has polluted the river.

“Nitrates have also been found in water used by many different industries,” said Dr Mark Beardsley, a senior lecturer in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Reading.

Nitrates are also present in some foodstuffs and can cause skin rashes, stomach problems, skin cancer and respiratory problems.

The problem of nitrates is only being addressed in parts of the UK where it has been detected.

The situation is particularly acute in northern England, where the nitrate levels have been at their highest in 40 years, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Dr Beards

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