How Hawkins is making money with its water treatment plant

Jul 13, 2021 Installation

HAWKSVILLE, Mississippi (Reuters) – HAWKINSVILLE, Tennessee (Reuters/Bob Young) – In a bid to revive its reputation for clean water, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) said on Monday it will offer $20 million in cash incentives to residents of its water plant.TVA, which operates a network of wastewater treatment plants, has been trying to attract business since the Great Recession.

It has said it will raise the cash to pay for equipment and new facilities.

The $20m incentive, announced on a website, is aimed at businesses that can take advantage of the $2.5 billion investment that the Tennessee River Authority, the utility that operates the plant, is making to bring in new water and wastewater services to its 5.3 million customers.TVAs board approved the incentive last month.TVAB, which is also known as Tennessee Valley Power, is an affiliate of a regional utility in Chattanooga, Tennessee.TVAT, the operator of the TVA plant, announced in October it will invest $8.5 million in its own facilities.

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