A new generation of water filtration technology from Neotec

Jul 16, 2021 Details

New water filtrations from Neotaec, a Japanese company, are expected to make the water supply in developing countries more reliable and safer.

The water filters are made from a thin plastic film, but the material is made from biocompatible materials such as polyethylene, plastic, ceramic, ceramic powder and silver.

The company said its new filtigation technology, Neotac, is based on two main concepts: first, the use of biocommunication with water molecules to dissolve organic molecules into water molecules.

Second, the application of a catalyst to the water molecules allows the water to be extracted from a sample without damaging the water’s structure.

The biocomposition of water allows the company to remove contaminants from water and to use the same water for both water treatment and water purification.

The technology, which uses an electrochemical process to purify water, has been developed to treat drinking water, but it is also being applied to other types of water as well.

Neoteca said its technology was created for the treatment of drinking water.

“In the case of the water filTreatment, a catalyst is used to dissociate the water into the appropriate water molecules, and the water is purified using a micro-filter,” Neotechan explained in a statement.

The new technology is the latest of a number of water-related advances that Neotaco has made in recent years.

Neotaechan said it has developed a water purifier that is a microfilter and is also the first to purifig the water of harmful chemicals.

Neodeeca is also expanding its water treatment technology with a microprocessor, and it plans to launch a water filter in the next couple of years.

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