How to make a water purifier from algae

Jul 20, 2021 Details

A water purification system can help reduce the pollution associated with sewage and other industrial effluents, which can contribute to health concerns, especially in cities.

However, these systems often have a low power output and often require a lot of maintenance, and often take a long time to complete.

A team of researchers at Fenton Water Treatment in Fenton, Texas, has developed a simple and inexpensive solution that can generate enough power to power any water purifying system in minutes.

Their system uses a series of small, rechargeable battery cells.

The researchers built the system using an Arduino microcontroller and a 3D printed battery cell.

They are also using a battery-powered water purifiers for other industrial uses, including cleaning sewage systems.

The system uses the electrolyte from an elga plant to power the system, and it uses a battery of the same electrolyte in a second system.

The Fenton team created the project because the wastewater treatment plant at Foxconn, which is owned by Foxconn Technology Group, has been a source of public health concerns for years.

The plant is known to release large amounts of lead into the local water supply, which was found to be linked to several birth defects.

The team plans to test the system in a lab, where they hope to test for pollutants in the wastewater.

They plan to apply for a permit for the project, which could lead to the development of a larger system.

“We’ve seen the power of water for a long, long time and the water is a very useful commodity,” said team member Ryan Crouch.

“It’s very important to use it efficiently and it’s a very good way to get clean water.”

For more information about the project and other water purifications, visit Fenton’s website and check out the team’s project page.

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