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The Verge article The US Department of Justice has filed a civil suit against the water treatment giant AquaGen, accusing it of misleading customers about the quality of water it supplies and misleading consumers about its water treatment process.

AquaGen filed for bankruptcy protection in October after years of legal battles.

The US government filed a complaint in March alleging AquaGen misled consumers by saying its water treatments were safe and that it treated and disinfected water at a high level.

In the suit, the DOJ alleges that AquaGen lied to consumers by misrepresenting its water quality.

It said AquaGen’s customers should have been aware of AquaGen water quality tests and how it treated water.

The company has denied the allegations, and its CEO and two board members have resigned.

The Justice Department has also filed a criminal complaint against the company’s former vice president, a former vice-president of marketing, and a former general counsel.

The former vice presidents were fired in May after a whistleblower alleged they mismanaged the company.

The whistleblowers alleged that the company misrepresented its water and treated it at high levels, and they said the company failed to disclose this information to customers.

The DOJ said in the civil suit that it is alleging that Aqua Gen misled consumers because it told customers that it used a standard-emitting water treatment technology called methanol extraction to treat water.

That’s a process that Aquagen has since abandoned, the Justice Department said.

The complaint accuses Aqua Gen of misleading consumers by telling them AquaGen uses a methanolic water treatment system, but that the water used in AquaGen treatment systems does not use a methaol extraction process.

The process uses chlorine, sodium hydroxide, and sodium chloride to break down carbon dioxide and water and to remove water.

According to the complaint, Aqua Gen customers were misled by AquaGen claiming its water systems were safe because they were not.

The government said that it received complaints about Aqua Gen’s water treatment processes in 2014 and 2015, and that a company representative told customers it was using a methalocarbon-emission process.

This process is a way of treating water with high levels of CO2 to remove CO2 from the water and prevent it from reaching the soil, the complaint said.

This, the government alleges, is not the case.

The Government Accountability Office said in 2016 that Aqua Genesis’s water system was using methanic water treatment methods, but it also acknowledged that it did not use methano-carbon-emissions methods, and did not tell customers about that.

The EPA and other agencies have said that the Aqua Gen water treatment systems did not meet standards for methanization, according to the government complaint.

In January, the EPA also filed an investigation of Aqua Gen, saying it failed to comply with environmental law and federal law, according the Government Accountability Board.

The two sides are still in mediation, according a Justice Department spokesperson.

“In light of the pending resolution of this matter, we do not have any further comment at this time,” a spokesperson for the Justice the Department sent Business Insider.

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