How to get rid of rust from your water treatment process

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Water treatment is a complex process that involves a variety of processes.

But there are a few key points to keep in mind.


You can’t use a sponge for rust removal 1.1.

It’s important to use a water treatment sponge that is specifically designed for rust.

Rust particles and water droplets can build up in this sponge and are not easily removed by hand.

Instead, a plastic or rubber disc, or sponge, should be used.


You must use a proper sponge size for the type of water that you are treating.

This will depend on the type and size of water you are using.

The type of filter you are putting in will also have an effect on the sponge size.

For example, an 8cm sponge will work for a high-grade water treatment, but a smaller sponge will not work for small-grade treatments.


When using a sponge, ensure that it is designed for use in water.

This includes not having a hole in it, and not sticking to the sponge.


If you have a filter, do not let the sponge touch the filter.

This is because the rust will form in the filter, and this will also damage the filter itself.


When cleaning the filter with a sponge or the disc, make sure that you leave it at least 1cm (2 inches) from the filter when you wash it, to ensure it stays in place.


If using a plastic disc or sponge to clean your water, ensure the disc is not coated with any kind of grease, and do not use a toothbrush.


If your water is contaminated with rust, do NOT let the disc sit in a bowl of hot water.

Instead use a clean cloth to wipe down the disc.


If the water is hot and the disc starts to turn a colour, do a quick rinse.


To use a disc or a sponge on a water-conditioning system, ensure it is well-coated and has no rust particles on it. 10.

Never put water into a container that contains a sponge that has rust particles in it. 11.

Always remove the disc and sponge from the water-treatment system with a damp cloth and place them in a container to dry completely.

If it is not possible to completely dry the disc/sponge, put it back in the water for 15 minutes to give it time to fully dry.

If this is not the case, then the disc or the sponge may become contaminated with dust or other contaminants, causing the disc to become discoloured or rust.

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