A new method of treating ozone can lower ozone levels by 30%

Aug 26, 2021 Details

The Washington State Department of Ecology says a new way to treat ozone — which can cause ozone damage in the air and in people — can reduce ozone levels 30% in the coming decades.

The study, published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances, suggests using a new kind of water treatment that’s less expensive and more effective than the traditional methods.

The researchers say the water treatment system can reduce levels of the powerful pollutant by 40%.

The paper says it can reduce emissions of ozone by up to 70% in people living in regions with a high ozone concentration.

The new treatment uses the most efficient and cost-effective process for removing ozone from the atmosphere.

It could be a huge breakthrough for protecting the planet from harmful ozone particles.

“It’s a breakthrough technology that will save us from ozone,” said Paul J. Smith, a professor of environmental chemistry at the University of Washington.

“Ozone is the biggest ozone problem in the world, and we’re going to be seeing a lot of these particles in the future.”

Researchers have been using a chemical called a hydrocarbon, known as benzene, to trap ozone, but it was expensive and not efficient enough to remove it from the air.

That’s because the chlorine atoms in benzene react with ozone, making it more poisonous.

The new treatment is based on a combination of chemicals called methyl chloride and acrylonitrile.

The process produces a mixture of two different types of chloroform, one that is less toxic and one that reacts with ozone.

The process is so efficient, the researchers say, that the new treatment can remove up to 80% of ozone in just a few hours.

It’s also cheaper than current solutions that use chemicals that are expensive and require large amounts of energy.

The study uses an expensive chemical called acrylamide, which can be used in conventional water treatment systems to remove ozone from water.

But acrylates have a lot more chlorine atoms than benzene and are more toxic.

The scientists tested a new, less expensive, and more efficient method for removing acrylate from water by combining the two materials.

“We found that the acrylene and acrysulfate materials had more chlorine than benzenes, and that the combined material reduced ozone levels in a significant way,” said the study’s lead author, David L. Mello, a doctoral student in the Department of Environmental Engineering and a senior scientist in the department.

Mello is a member of the research group led by Michael D. Fong of the Department the University at Albany and colleagues.

The research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Air and Water Conservation Foundation.

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