Water treatment at an international chemical plant in Russia

Sep 15, 2021 Installation

TechRadarsource – A Russian company is working on a new technology that could treat a significant amount of water and potentially transform the country’s air pollution problem.

Water treatment is a relatively new process, and has been available in other countries for some time, but the idea is to use this technology to reverse some of the chemicals in our water supply.

The technology has already been tested at a chemical plant, and the Russian government has expressed interest in working on the technology.

It will not be cheap, but it could be a big step towards a future where we can reduce the amount of pollution in the world, according to Mikhail Yurik, director of the institute of technology development at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Moscow.

The institute has already begun work on the concept of a water treatment plant, which is part of a bigger project, which aims to improve the quality of the Russian water supply by 20 percent.

According to Yurika, the process involves heating a tank of water with steam, and then injecting a layer of disinfectant into the water.

The disinfectant is then added to the water, which in turn is heated and injected with another layer of the disinfectant.

The disinfectant in this case is a synthetic chemical called methanol, which can be used to remove heavy metals such as arsenic and lead from water.

The company is currently working on another prototype that involves heating the water with solar energy.

It would be possible to use the technology at the same plant, or in a larger factory, Yurichik said.

But, he added, it will be costly and difficult to achieve.

There is a lot of water in the region, and we are going to have to treat it, he said.

He said that there are no guarantees that this will work at all, given that the water quality in Russia is so poor.

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