How the water treatment industry is changing

Sep 19, 2021 Introduction

A key issue in the water industry is how to best deal with the rising use of plastic.

The debate over whether or not to ban plastic bottles is the subject of an episode of the BBC series The Big Issue, which aired last week.

The programme’s co-presenter, former BBC reporter and environmentalist Peter Robinson, interviewed the industry’s biggest players, as well as some environmental activists, who all spoke out against the use of the plastic.

Here are a few of the highlights:A company called Plastiq says it uses only 10% of the plastics it would normally use to make bottles.

It says the plastics used are more sustainable and more recyclable.

But, according to the Environmental Justice League, this is not true.

A recent study by the group found that the amount of plastic in the oceans is up to 10 times higher than the amount it was in 2007, the year of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The company says that it has taken steps to reduce the amount they use to recycle plastic, and that the plastic they do recycle is far more recycling than it used to be.

However, they also say that in order to get a product that is as recyclably as possible, they need to make sure that the ingredients used are sustainable.

The industry says that if you don’t use 100% recyclables and if you use just 3% to 5% of what you should be using, you’re likely to get more plastic than you should, as a result.

And the report says that the average consumer who is using PlastIQ products in their homes is using between 70-80% of that recycled plastic.

What does the evidence say?

Plastiq has argued that its products are as recycling as they could possibly be, but the fact is, there is no guarantee that you are getting the same amount of recycled plastic as you would if you used only 1% to 3% of it.

The environmental group points out that the recycled plastic they use is actually recycled by other companies, but they are not using any of that plastic to make their bottles.

The company has a policy to make its plastic recyclers responsible for their recycling, but it does not actually have any responsibility for the plastic it uses.

According to the BBC, this suggests that PlastiQ’s recycling policy is not sustainable.

A company known as Plastifor says that while it does use recyclability as a metric, it only uses around 15-20% of its plastics to make water bottles.

However it also points out, the amount used is much higher than what Plastis says it recycles.

The report also says that Plasteiq does not recycle its plastic into reusable bottles.

There are other ways that Plastyq recycles plastics, including in the process of washing them in a factory.

However the company has also claimed that it recycles the plastic from its bottles into food-grade bottles, which is much more environmentally friendly.

The BBC said:This is an example of how our show has taken a look at the environmental benefits of the water bottle industry, and how they are changing the way we use and produce water.

We’ve heard from a number of water bottle manufacturers, including Plastimix, who have expressed concern that the documentary may have misrepresented the water bottles industry, or the water company itself.

We understand that consumers are concerned about the documentary and its claims that the water supply in their local area has been polluted by plastic bottles.

We are investigating these claims and will update this article as more information becomes available.

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