Water treatment company wants to use your water for solar power

Sep 27, 2021 Installation

Water treatment companies are hoping to capitalize on the fact that they’re already using a lot of water for renewable power and the fact they don’t have to pay for it, because they’re mostly using it for wastewater treatment.

While it’s true that the water treatment industry is still struggling to recover from the oil crisis, the growing use of solar and renewable energy has made it much more affordable.

And that, in turn, has led to increased demand for recycled water.

One of the largest water treatment companies in the United States is looking to use water from the local sewer system to power its solar power plant.

The company wants customers to pay to use their water to help it produce solar energy, and the company is hoping to get around the cost of treating it by offering customers the option of using it to power their own solar panels.

The water treatment company, Green Tech Group, is using the wastewater it receives from the city to provide a power source for its solar panels and the utility says it will also offer solar panels to other customers, including water systems and wastewater treatment facilities.

The utility says that water treatment facilities in North Carolina have been using recycled water for water treatment for decades, but the amount is limited.

Green Tech has been testing its solar water treatment plant on its site in North Charleston, South Carolina.

The solar water is mixed with saltwater and treated into wastewater.

The wastewater is then pumped into a large cistern, where it is treated by a chemical reaction.

The treatment plant will provide water for the plant to use for its photovoltaic cells and the wastewater is pumped back into the river.

Green Technology has been using water from both the local and state water supplies for the past three years, and says that the company has also been using municipal water to treat its wastewater in North Dakota.

According to the company, the water has a low level of contaminants, which means that it will be safe to drink, and there are no harmful chemicals or pesticides.

The municipal water will be used for its water treatment facility.

It’s also working on using the recycled water to make a water filter for the company’s solar panels, as well as a new waste water treatment system that it hopes will be able to treat up to 10,000 metric tons of wastewater per year.

While Green Tech hopes to use recycled water as its power source, the company said it’s also looking at how it can use it for other purposes.

One example it has in mind is that Green Tech could use the water it gets from the municipal system for recycling or providing drinking water for homes in rural areas.

GreenTech is looking into using recycled wastewater to provide solar panels for its project.

The project is expected to be finished by the end of 2018, and Green Tech is also looking into installing solar panels in the facility.

Greentech is a subsidiary of Duke Energy, and is currently looking for new energy projects in the energy industry.

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