How to prevent water contamination in your home

Oct 9, 2021 Installation

The latest news on water contamination.

The EPA says the contamination was first detected in a home in Lakewood, Colo., where a home water treatment plant used to treat sewage in the late 1960s.

The EPA says it detected the contamination in two other homes in Colorado and Washington state, as well as two other cities in Washington state.

“The water quality in those communities is extremely low,” says the EPA.

“They had a problem with the way they treated the water and their water treatment system was not in compliance with EPA standards.

The water quality was so bad, the EPA was unable to do their sampling.”

The agency says the water was treated at an industrial facility that has since closed.

It says the plant, which was owned by the company that owns the plant in Lakewoods, has no current connection to the city.

The agency said it is not yet aware of the number of homes affected by the contamination.

EPA spokeswoman Molly Wessels says the agency is working to figure out how many of the contaminated homes are still being treated and where.

The water was sent to two locations for treatment.

The second facility tested positive for PCBs, a chemical used in electronics and air conditioning.

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