When Alum Water Treatment Company starts operations in Bengaluru, it will make India’s drinking water safer

Oct 20, 2021 Details

A Delhi-based Alum water treatment company is set to start operations in the city soon.

Alum has a partnership with water treatment plant company BHPCL.

The company said it is looking to start in the next three months.

“We have secured a five-year contract with the BHPL group.

We are planning to start the process in April,” Alum founder Vijay Prakash said.

Prakish said the company has already sourced water for the first phase of the project.

“Our water treatment unit will be connected to a large borehole at Gopalapuram, a large city located near Aligarh.

The borehole will be used for water treatment,” he said.

“It will be about 25 meters deep.

The project is expected to cost about Rs 5 crore.

It is aiming to make India a water-friendly nation,” said Prakesh. “

Alum Water is an innovative company which has been exploring ways to clean water in cities and villages.

It is aiming to make India a water-friendly nation,” said Prakesh.

Alums is also exploring ways of sourcing water for its manufacturing plant in the country’s largest city.

“This is our first venture in India.

We have a plan to scale up production in Bengalu and to create jobs here.

We will start operations soon in a large industrial zone,” he added.

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