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Foxconn has been testing its water treatment technology for the first time, and has a plan to sell it to customers

China’s Foxconn Technology Group said on Thursday it has developed a new water treatment system that can remove arsenic and other toxic chemicals from water.

The water treatment unit can remove up to 80 percent of arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals in the water supply, according to a company statement.

The company says it has applied for several permits for the water treatment facility in the central province of Henan.

It plans to sell the technology to consumers in the coming months, according the statement.

Foxconn Technology, which operates more than 10 plants in China, is one of the world’s largest producers of mobile phone and internet equipment.

Its brands include Xiaomi, Xiaomi Redmi, and the X1 and X3.

Its water treatment process uses a chemical treatment technique known as hydroxyapatite, which is used in the production of stainless steel.

Foxconn is working with a consortium of China’s biggest companies to develop a water treatment and treatment technology, according a statement from the company.

“It’s a unique solution, a technology that’s different from conventional water treatment,” said Hu Yijun, vice president and head of the water technologies and environmental group at Foxconn.

“It’s the first technology that we’ve applied to a large scale industrial facility, but it’s not the only one that we’re looking into.”

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