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Why are they poisoning our children with mercury?

A group of villagers are protesting against the use of camel water in the tribal community of Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu.

In a video released by the villagers, they said they had to spend their entire family’s money on camel water for the next two years to pay for the treatment of their children.

The villagers, who are protesting over the treatment, have been using camel water from the tribal village of Ramswaram.

But now they are facing severe health consequences from the use.

In the video, the villagers have complained that their children were sick, but no one has come to take them to hospital.

They also said that they are not able to pay the cost of the treatment to the tribal government for the same amount of money they spent on the treatment.

The village has been using the village’s local water supply for a long time.

But since 2015, the water supply from the village has become contaminated.

The water is also contaminated with lead.

The health authorities in the village are now working to clean up the water and treat the water for lead.

However, the residents say that they still have no clue why their water is so contaminated.

“We used to drink water from a well that we use as a well in the morning.

When we use our wells, we always get water from this well,” said the village head.

“Now the water is being treated with arsenic, mercury and other contaminants.

Why has our water been contaminated?”

According to the villagers’ claims, there have been instances of people in the area drinking the water from poisoned wells.

The residents of Ramaswari, which is about 15 km from the river, said that since 2016, they have been drinking the polluted water from polluted wells.

However, they claimed that the village authorities did not take proper action.

“They don’t take any action against the people who have polluted the water,” said a villager, who did not want to be identified.

“People in the district used to collect the water to treat the children.

Now we don’t even have the money to get water to take to the wells,” he added.

A few months ago, villagers in Rameswari also complained that they were getting cancer from drinking the contaminated water from contaminated wells.

A village health officer, who had visited the village to see the situation, said, “There are some cases of cancer cases, but it’s not as severe as we thought.

There are also cases of people getting cancer and they are very sick.”

How to Treat Your Swimming Problems

I have a problem with my feet.

When I wear socks, I feel itchy.

When the socks go on my feet, I have to get them removed.

But when I wear the shoes I like to wear, I don’t feel that.

The shoes have to be changed because they don’t fit properly.

If I had to pick between the shoes and the socks, the shoes fit better, right?

It’s not like I have any choice.

I wear all these shoes because I like the shoes, and I love the socks.

So I get these two pairs of shoes, one for myself and one for my wife.

The other pair of shoes doesn’t fit me because it’s too tight.

So if I wanted to, I could just get a new pair of socks and go from there.

And then you’re done.

If you want to get rid of a toe, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on new shoes.

That’s not how it works.

What if I could buy a new shoe?

It might be cheaper than getting a new foot.

Or maybe you just want to be able to go outside and walk around, without having to wear a pair of feet.

That might be a better option.

The bottom line is that you need to get the right shoes for your foot.

For example, if you have a normal foot, it’s really important to get a pair that are comfortable and not too tight, but also a pair with enough support that you can actually walk around without getting hurt.

That will help you keep your foot healthy and keep it from breaking.

For your toes, the right shoe might be one with support and not so tight that you end up breaking your toe.

For a lot more advice, check out our free advice video.

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